What Would You Do to Protect Your Child? ~ Yourself? ~ Your Family?

DahDahlia's Bouquet by Tammara Aguado - Indie Excellence Finalistlia’s Bouquet, brings to life the heartache and struggles inherent in every family whose foundation is built on secrecy and deception.  Five generations of women strong, the story begins in early 1900 Memphis with Daisy, a young bride full of hope and dreams for the future and ends in present day with Dahlia, a teen more lost than she knows whose future is hopelessly stalled by the mystery of her past.   

Indie Excellence Award

Lilly, Violet, and Rose are the links in the chain that can set her free or hold her back forever.  Joseph, Stewart, Billy, Rueben & Taylor are the succession of men who live their lives intertwined with the women.  More than mere observers they play an integral part in setting the course of circumstances that steer the plot of history played out here.  Aguado has very successfully spun a tale of intrigue, love, fear, hope, struggle and desire—a tale that could inspire or frighten us—if we have secrets of our own to keep. 

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